Nursing Staff

  • Tracy Stedman
    An experienced nurse practitioner, with a background in A & E and the Walk In Centre. Vast experience with minor injuries. Interest in asthma.
  • Linda Gunther
    Nurse Practitioner/ Prescriber running minor illness clinics with interests in Diabetes and Family Planning.
  • Amy Sutherwood
    An experienced Nurse Practitioner with a background in General Practice, A & E and the Walk In Centre.
  • Linda Smith
    Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioner since November 2016 and joined Mill Road Surgery 1st July 2019. Previous experiences include Practice Nurse, Staff Nures and Deputy Sister and Colchester General Hospital. Interests include Asthma, COPD, Family Planning and Sexual Health.
  • Katie Rance
    Practice Nurse. Experienced in all aspects of the job. Trained in Diabetes Care.
  • Tina Potter
    Practice Nurse. Tina joined Mill Rd in July 2013 as an HCA and has since completed her return to practice course to enable her to work as a Practice Nurse. This is a new post for Tina but she will continue to see patients for Chronic disease monitoring, wound care and smoking cessation and will be having on going training to expand her role further.
  • Liz Lilley
    Practice Nurse. Worked here as an HCA between 2004 and 2007. Went on to train as an adult nurse working district and wards. Liz re-joined Mill Road surgery again as a practice nurse in November 2017.
  • Shelley Hawkes
    Practice Nurse. Shelley joined Mill Road Surgery August 2018. An experienced practice nurse with over 27 years of experience and specialising in diabetes.
  • Lynette Clark
    Health Care Assistant, Lynette joined Mill Road in October 2016, this is her first role in primary care. Lynette has 3 years experience in phlebotomy working for CHUFT. Lynette also has experience working within the community to deliver cardio vascular disease health checks. Her role includes: Phlebotomy, (including children over 6 years of age and learning disabilities) health checks for cardio vascular disease and Kidney disease, INR monitoring, New patient checks, and ECG,s. Lynette will be having on going training.
  • Michelle White
    Health Care Assistant. Joined Mill Road surgery 14th January 2019. Previously work at Creffield Medical Centre for 4 years. Her skills at prsent include health checks, INR monitoring, ECGs, blood pressures and ear syringing.
  • Lorraine Crisp
    Health Care Assistant. Joined Mill Road surgery in January 2018. Previous to this worked for Ace for 3 years, and still does part time, delivering NHS health checks for the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease out in the community. After a year, she progressed to a Band 5 team leader. Skills at present are health checks for Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease, INR monitoring, ECGs, New patient and blood pressure checks.

Other Clinical Staff

Ashley Moore – Senior Paramedic – has a 10 year history of working as a paramedic on frontline ambulances with a strong background in emergency medicine. He is seeing patients with minor illnesses/injury on a similar basis to our existing Nurse Practitioners.